Get On the Mobility Ball

Get On the Mobility Ball

My new favorite workout toy is the mobility ball. Here is how it works.

A friend recently gave me a softball-size orb made of pliant, grippy rubber and I have used to daily to massage muscles and speed recovery. Most sporting good stores sell them; mine is the Rogue Supernova.

  1. Hit the forearms – Knead away the tension in these muscles to improve grip and build strength for any upper-body move. Place the ball on a countertop, and roll each forearm from elbow to palm.
  2. Focus on ankles – Tight tissues around the ankle decrease range of motion when running, jumping, and squatting. Forcefully press the ball into your ankle and twist. Repeat until you have circled the joint.
  3. Dig in to hips – Most imbalances start with tight hip flexors. To fix them, lie on your side with a ball placed under the hip. Massage the muscles around the area for a minute, and then do the same on the other side.

MobilityWOD-Super-Nova-Ball SuperNova


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