Work Out The Knots

Work Out The Knots

Help your body feel better all over with these foam roller moves.

  1. Tight Glute Tamer – Sit on a roller, knees bent and feet on the floor, with your weight mostly on the right side of your butt. Bend right knee and cross ankle over left knee. Roll up and down and side to side. Switch legs. Relaxing these muscles will help increase mobility in your hips and ease hip and lower back pain.
  2. Hamstring Helper – Sit on the roller with legs extended in front of you. Lean on hands behind the roller for balance as you roll from the bottom of glutes to just above the knees.
  3. Quad Relaxer – Lie propped up on forearms with the roller under thighs. Slowly roll up and down, from hips to just above the knees. Tackle this area to loosen up the front of your thighs and help ease strain on your knees.
  4. Shoulder Opener – Stand with the roller between your back and a wall. Lower down until thighs are parallel to the floor. Extend left arm overhead and right arm down at your side. Slowly lower left arm as you raise right arm overhead. Switch and repeat. Do this to warm up your shoulders and thoracic spine (upper back).
  • Foam rolling before exercise leads to less fatigue afterward.



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