A Half-Day in Hell

A Half-Day in Hell

Got a few hours to kill? Try cultivating your own warrior spirit with this abridged SEALFIT session, pulled straight from their advanced Special Operations Immersion Academy. A gradual cool down and at least 20 minutes of dedicated stretching or yoga should follow this four-phase workout, which represents only a portion of the morning session, immediately.

Phase 1: Warm-Up

Sandbag Getup and Step-up – 30

  • Use a 70-pound sandbag and a 24-inch box. Alternate legs on each rep.

Phase 2: Strength

Standing Barbell Overhead Press – 10 sets of 3

  • Choose a weight that you can handle safely for 5-6 strict presses. Rest no longer than two minutes between sets.

Phase 3: Work Capacity

As many rounds as possible (AMRAP) in 20 minutes

5 Curtis P’s

10 Dips

15 Wall Ball Shots

  • (Curtis P) power clean a 95 pound bar from the floor and, with the bar in the rack position, perform a lunge with each leg, then push press the weight overhead. That equals one rep.
  • (Wall Shots) use a 20-pound ball.

Phase 4: Max Effort

10 X 100 Sprints

  • Work your way up to top speed on each sprint as quickly as possible and sustain it through 100 meters. Rest 2-3 minutes between sprints.

photo 2 copy photo 3 copy photo 4 copy


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