Complex Results – Olympic Lifting 2

Complex Results – Olympic Lifting 2

Stronger, fitter, leaner in the least amount of time possible. Sound too good to be true? It’s not, thanks to the decades-old training technique called the “complex”. A complex is two or more exercises with the same free weight equipment (in this case a barbell) and the same load done consecutively for reps without setting the weight down.

a barbell complex improves skills in lifts for beginners and skilled athletes. Taking the time to hit specific positions and get good reps is essential to build an athlete’s movement patterns. Because technique is the while point here, keep both load and volume extremely low; using no more than 40 percent of 1RM 91 rep max) on any exercise and not exceeding eight total reps per round.

  • Pause Clean – 1 rep
  • High Hang Clean – 2 reps
  • Jerk – 1 rep

Complete four sets total, resting two minutes between sets.

High Hang Clean: This is a full clean in which, on the way up, you stop the bar at knee level and pause for one to two seconds before continuing the movement.

Jerk: Starting in the hang position, lower the bar slowly to midthigh level, then explosively perform a clean from there.

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