Complex Results – Conditioning Complex 2

Complex Results – Conditioning Complex 2

Stronger, fitter, leaner in the least amount of time possible. Sound too good to be true? It’s not, thanks to the decades-old training technique called the “complex”. A complex is two or more exercises with the same free weight equipment (in this case a barbell) and the same load done consecutively for reps without setting the weight down.

A conditioning complex can be used in one of two ways: either as a stand-alone workout or as the last part of a training session following traditional strength or hypertrophy work. Use light to moderate weights and high reps on conditioning complexes. You should use loads that are anywhere from 30 to 70 percent of 1RM (1 rep max), 100-plus reps total for the workout and minimal rest periods a la CrossFit workouts.

  • Deadlift – 5 reps
  • Hang Clean – 5 reps
  • Push Press – 5 reps
  • Back Squat – 5 reps

Perform five rounds total in as little time as possible for time while still using strict form. If you need to rest, do it between rounds.

photo 1 copy photo 2 copy 2


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