Partner Up

Partner Up

You’re not as good as you could be. Find a partner who will push you past your comfort zone. To really be your best, you need a training partner. Look for these key traits in a training partner.

  1. Find Someone Who Trains When You Do – The biggest reason guys use for training solo is they cannot match up schedules with someone else. Look around your gym at the time you typically go. Who is there? It is a good way to find a training partner.
  2. Find Someone Who Is Better Than You Are – You want t lift with someone who either looks better or is much stronger than you. You will find yourself pushing harder to lift what they lift, and you will pick up on the good habits that got them where they are.
  3. Find Someone Who Will Hold You Accountable – If you text your training partner to say you can’t make it and he says “No sweat”, you need a new partner. Knowing you need to be there to support a partner creates another incentive for consistency.
  4. Find Someone Who Has The Same Goal You Do – The partnership won’t last long unless you are working toward the same end. Whether you are trying to get huge, strong, or ripped (or all of these), your partner needs to be of the same mind to produce results.
  5. Find Someone Who Understand The Need To Switch It Up – Over time, guys get comfortable with each other and do not push as hard. Change training partners every three months if needed – this gives you a ton of great partners to keep you moving forward.

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