Reverse Grip Cable Pressdown

Reverse Grip Cable Pressdown

Main Area Targeted: Medial Head

Strengths: It’s not the most impressive movement you will ever do where the weight load is concerned, but form is paramount since you are targeting the smallest of the three triceps heads. Go too heavy and you will rely on momentum and an assist from the lateral and long heads, among other muscle groups. The cable pressdown is much preferred to the dicey nature of going underhand on barbell and dumbbell exercises, which tend to put the wrist under strain in awkward positions.

How To: Stand in front of a high-pulley cable and grasp the straight-bar attachment with a palms-up grip. With your knees soft, lean forward slightly at the hips and keep your elbows close to your sides as you bring your upper arms parallel to the floor. From here, forcefully extend your elbows to push the bar toward your upper thigh at the very bottom of the range of motion. Squeeze and hold for a one-count before returning to the point where your arms are parallel to the floor.

triceps pic 2


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