Busted 3 Top Workout Mistakes

Busted 3 Top Workout Mistakes

Mistake #1 – Being Afraid of Weights

The Fix: Grab 50 pound weights instead of 30s (but don’t be afraid of 60s if you have the strength!) Try deadlifts with a barbell versus a dumbbell. It is okay if you need to do fewer reps. Adding weight will tone you up in less time.

Mistake #2 – Bad Squat Form

The Fix: Wiggle your toes at the bottom of a squat to make sure your weight is in your heels. Press through your heels as you rise up. Also, stand with your feet slightly wider than your hips with your toes slightly turned out. This will shift your weight back and counteract that pelvic tilt.

Mistake #3 – Using Crunches to Fight Belly Fat

The Fix: Abs are made in the kitchen. Make sure you have more calories going out than coming in. trade crunches for exercises that engage you entire core – the front, back, and sides of your torso – like planks. Also, work your lower body. Moves that target large muscle groups like your butt and thighs help increase calorie burn and your metabolism after a session, which ultimately helps slim down you waist.

dumbbell preacher 1 dumbbell preacher curl 01 dumbbell preacher curl 02


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