HIIT Bust a Move

HIIT Bust a Move

On HIIT days, bang these out for one minute each. Flab be warned.

Lunge Hop – Step back into a lunge (front knee over ankle, back straight). Engage core, jump up, and switch front leg and land in a lunge. Repeat as fast as possible.

Burns 12 calories per minute.

Monkey Jump – Squat super low (feet hip-width apart, weight on heels), so fingertips touch the floor. Jump up, raising arms overhead. Return to start. Try to go lower, and then higher, with each rep. make this (and every) minute count.

Burns 13 calories per minute.

Jumping Jack – Don’t underestimate this P.E.-class staple. Your legs and arms are moving simultaneously, and you’re jumping. Ready, set…knock ‘em out! As with all of these, try to beat your total numbers on subsequent sets.

Burns 14 calories per minute.

Speed Skater – Jump from side to side, swinging your trailing leg behind you as you land. (Think: exaggerated curtsy.) Obviously, the lower you go, the more calories you will burn. “Skate” as fast as you can. And do not forget to breathe.

Burns 14 calories per minute.

Step Up – Yup; this is the basic (and somewhat boring) move from Step class – up, up, down, down (90’s flashback!). But it’s got the biggest calorie bang, so step up like you mean it; Do one interval starting with your right foot, then next with your left.

Burns 15 calories per minute.

4__Jumping_jack_Article 1207-lean-toned-5 plyometrics2 stepup


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