CrossFit Infusion 1- Racing The Clock 1 – Upper Body

CrossFit Infusion 1            

Do Timed Workouts         

Racing The Clock 1 – Upper Body

What a timed workout does is push you beyond what you would normally do, because now there is a clock running and there is a greater sense of urgency. This ups the intensity big time, and you put yourself in a whole different category for burning calories and body fat.

Workout 1: Upper Body

Following a sufficient upper-body warm-up…

AMRAP (as many reps as possible) in 12 minutes of:

Pull-Up (strict) times ten reps

Bench Press (135 pounds) times 15 reps

Rest for three minutes, then…

Do four rounds for time of:

Overhead Press times 9 reps

Wide Grip Upright Row times 15 reps

Sit-Ups times 18 reps

On weighted exercise, choose a weight that you can handle for approximately 15-20 reps or 50-65 percent of your one-rep max (1RM). Add bodybuilding-style sets for chest, back and/or shoulders as desired to increase volume.

Chin Up 2 pull up

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