Get Lean in 10 Minutes a Day

Get Lean in 10 Minutes a Day

For melting fat, jumping rope is like a surgeon’s scalpel. Go beyond basic jumping by adding in these three moves to a 10-minute routine and you can burn 15-plus calories a minute while defining your arms, shoulders, legs, and abs.

  1. Squat Jump – Turn the rope at half normal speed, while pushing off the balls of your feet to explode up and land in a half-squat position. Use the quads and glutes to absorb impact. Jump again.
  2. Double Turns – Turn the rope quick enough so that it passes under your feet twice with each jump. To do it, focus on circling your wrists faster, keeping arms relaxed, core tight, and posture upright the entire time.
  3. High Knees to Butt Kicks – While jumping, raise your right knee as high as possible, then your left, then immediately kick right foot back toward butt, and repeat with left foot. That’s a rep. try for 10 in a row.

High-Knees-Butt-Kicks Squat-Jump


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