Fall in Love With Your Workout

Fall in Love With Your Workout

When it comes to choosing to work out or not, we all fall somewhere on the continuum of people who are driven to move and those who live to lounge. What dictates your place? There is research that says genetic factors affect the taste for exercise, but if you can change your destiny. Forget blaming your genes- use these tips and mental power tricks to turn your mind and body on to exercise.

  • Think Athlete: Simply believing that you rule your body’s fitness fate can motivate you to work out. Inactive people who are told that genetics influence an individual’s activity level said they doubted their ability to exercise and showed little or no intention of hitting the gym. But those who are told the environment plays a role will be more confident and motivated to lace up and sweat.
  • Get Over the Hump: Many adults who do not like exercise feel this way because they simply became discouraged. As workout intensity increases, many exercise start to feel negative – a mind-set that drives them to drop exercising completely. People who are not naturally enticed by sweating, go at a groove that encourages them to get past that on-the-fence stage.
  • Zero in on the Instant Perks: Exercise lovers tend to be intrinsically motivated; that is, they feel the need to be active for reasons other than looking good in clothes.



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