Pulley Power – One Arm Rope Cable Pressdown

Pulley Power – One Arm Rope Cable Pressdown

Versatility. Convenience. Constant tension on each rep of every set. What’s not to love about the ubiquitous cable-crossover station? Here is a unique pulley exercise – one you are properly not doing – to make you love this do-it-all machine even more.

Target: Triceps

  • Secure a rope attachment to the highest setting on one side of a cable crossover station.
  • Stand facing the weight stack and grasp both ends of the rope with one hand just above the rubber stopper (or knobs).
  • Start with the weight off the stack and the forearm of your working arm just above parallel to the floor, elbow tight to your side. Keeping your upper arm stationary, contract your triceps to extend your elbow and press your hand toward the floor.
  • Go to full elbow extension at the bottom and squeeze the contraction hard for a count. Slowly return to the start position and repeat for reps, then switch arms.

sing-rope-tri-press-a-female single-rope-tri-press-b-male


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