Eat to Beat Allergies

Eat to Beat Allergies

Plagued by spring and summer sniffles? A diet redo might help. Some foods can make symptoms worse. For instance, carrots, celery, and stone fruits like peaches may trigger a reaction in people allergic to tree pollen. On the flip side, these foods might help provide relief.

Red Grapes: This fruit is rich in the antioxidant quercetin, which may prevent immune cells from releasing histamine (the protein that reacts to immune threats by triggering symptoms like watery eyes and itching). Onions and blueberries are also top sources of the compound.

Red Bell Pepper: A cup of this crunchy veggie serves up more than 156 percent of the recommended daily dose of vitamin C. This antioxidant may also reduce sneeze-causing inflammation.

Tuna: The omega 3’s in this fish may reduce the inflammation in your sinuses and airways. In fact, people with the highest levels of omega 3’s in their body are the least likely to suffer from allergies.

Green Tea: Sip this brew for seasonal defense. The antioxidant in green tea called EGCG can block the production of histamine and immunoglobulin-E, another compound that triggers the allergic response.

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