Do More for Your Core

Do More for Your Core

Basic crunches? Meh. Flatten your belly the Pilates and yoga way and you will have tighter, more defied abs.

  1. Yoga Bicycles: Place your hands behind your head and raise your knees to a tabletop position. Twist your right elbow toward your left knee as you lengthen your right leg straight out. Alternate, twisting right and left for 10 reps on each side.
  1. Tick Tock: Lower your head and place your arms out to the sides. Extend both legs up to the ceiling and flex your feet. Lower legs to the right, then lift legs back up. Lower them to the other side. Continue going back and forth for a total of 5 one each side.
  1. Leg Lower: Lift both legs up> Keeping your feet flexed and arms alongside your waist, lower your legs toward the floor straight out in front of you. Go as low as you can without letting your mid-lower back rise off the ground, then lift your legs straight back up again. Repeat 10 times.

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