Take It Outside

Take It Outside

With summer in full swing, who wants to be stuck in a cycling studio? Put that spin bike in park and hop on a real two-wheeler. While a lot of your indoor skills will translate to the outdoors, you have to make a few key adjustments.

Work Your Core:

Riding outdoors requires more abdominal strength to stay balanced. Add extra planks and V-ups to your workouts so you are ready.

Feel Your Seat:

A road bike puts you in a more forward position than most stationary ones. Take measurements from your road bike (seat and handlebar height and seat fore and aft) and mimic those positions on your spin bike to get a similar feel.

Gear Up:

While you might hit spin class in regular gym clothes, consider sporting real cycling gear (built to handle the elements with pockets for food and accessories) when you head outdoors. Your most important item: a helmet.

Pace Yourself:

In class, you never have to worry about making it home. On a real bike, though, you don’t want to find yourself miles out and just realizing you have to pedal those miles back. Save some energy for your return.



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