How Do You Stay Fit Away From Home?

How Do You Stay Fit Away From Home?


Tips for making the most of your vacations

  • There is nothing more enjoyable than early-morning barefoot walks on the beach followed by yoga and a swim in the ocean.
  • Exercise first thing in the morning so you can relax the rest of the day.
  • Download a pedometer app on your phone to track your steps.
  • Focus on healthy breakfasts and lunches while staying active throughout the day, then enjoy dinner and drinks in the evening. Its vacation, though – we work hard all year for it – so it is ok to back off a little, then get back to it 100 percent upon returning to the real world.
  • Take your hand weights with you and create your own workout – jogging in place while lifting weights. You have no excuse.
  • Walk or bike the area. You see more that way.
  • Pack a portable DVD player and your P90 or favorite workout DVD, and you are good to go.
  • In the hotel, always take the stairs since nobody really uses the. Go up and down at a fast pace.

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