Reframe Your Mind

Reframe Your Mind

When it comes to losing weight and getting healthier, your mind can be your biggest enemy. The good news: you can harness your meddlesome thoughts so they work with you instead of against you. And you don’t need a Herculean amount of willpower. Here are 3 strategies to try.

  1. Make Exercise Fun:

When you do something you don’t enjoy, you feel like you have to compensate by rewarding yourself with other things, such as sweets. Avoid that need to reward yourself by rebranding your workout as “me time” for example.

  1. Focus on Maintenance First:

As backwards as it sounds we need to learn skills to maintain our weight before starting a weight-loss program in order to have more success in keeping the pounds off in the long run. Many of us don’t know how to maintain weight-loss, which can be tougher than most realize. Before plunging into slimming down, teach yourself skills to maintain: find healthy replacements for high-calorie foods and make peace with the scale by learning to accept that small fluctuations are normal.

  1. Forgive Your Flaws:

Instead of attacking your imperfections, start embracing them (remember, nobody is perfect. With a more positive body image, you tend to not focus excessively on exercise and dieting; you’re better able to trust your hunger and satiety cues. Be more tolerant of your flaws and you will have a better , more positive body image, regardless of your weight.

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2 responses to “Reframe Your Mind

  1. I agree. I had to change my mindset about working out and embrace the goal of being in shape. I don’t crave sweets anything like I used to.


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