Road Endurance

Road Endurance

Distance runs improve your cardio capacity and teach your body to burn fat more efficiently. Plus, the built-in strides will boost your speed and efficiency. This workout is 60 minutes; however, you should start with a distance that is only 10 percent longer than you normally run. If possible, tackle a somewhat hilly terrain, too.

  • Warm up for 25 minutes, running at a very comfortable pace (4 to 5 RPE).
  • Find a flat stretch and perform four 10 to 12 second strides (gently pick up the pace until you reach your near maximum effort, landing with feet under hip), with a 30 to 60 second recovery (walk or jog) interval between each.
  • Run at a hard effort (7 to 8 RPE) for 15 minutes.
  • Cool down for 10 minutes, running at an easy effort (4 to 5 RPE).

Goal: Increase the number of strides you perform each week until you are up to eight total. You should also up your total distance by 10 percent each week for three weeks. On your fourth week (recovery), drop it back down to 10 minutes less than when you started. For Week 5, begin at the distance you did in Week 2, and then build again from there.



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