Pulley Power – Seated One Arm Cable Row

Pulley Power – Seated One Arm Cable Row

Versatility. Convenience. Constant tension on each rep of every set. What’s not to love about the ubiquitous cable-crossover station? Here is a unique pulley exercise – one you are properly not doing – to make you love this do-it-all machine even more.

Target: Back

  • In a cable crossover station, set an adjustable bench a couple of feet away from one of the weight stacks and facing away from the stack/pulley. Adjust the bench to one or two notches shy of vertical. Set the cable pulley to the lowest setting and attach a D-Handle.
  • Sit backward on the bench so you face the weight stack, and hold the handle in one hand with your off hand grasping the top or side of the bench for stability. Your torso should be perpendicular to the floor.
  • Starting with your working arm fully extended toward the pulley, contract your back muscles on that side and pull the D-Handle toward you in a rowing motion. When your hand reaches your torso, squeeze the contraction for a count, and then return to the start position under control. Perform all reps with that arm, then switch arms and repeat.

sing-arm-cab-row-a-female sing-arm-cab-row-rot-a-male sing-arm-cab-row-rot-b-male


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