4 Tips To Keep Pounds Away

4 Tips To Keep Pounds Away


Want to stay lean and toned? Check out these strategies:

  1. Sweat With Your Partner: If you have a partner, you should have exercise outings and make it “your” time. Go to the same gym for an hour and lift weights together. Having your partner that keeps you accountable.
  1. Swap Out Store Bought: I make healthier versions of sweets: For chocolate chips cookies, I use unsweetened applesauce instead of butter and sub in oat flour for white.
  1. Workout Must – Military Press: There is something about this exercise that makes me feel empowered and strong. Plus, I love training my shoulders, and this works that part of my body.
  1. Pull Out That Stopwatch: I love that I can jog three miles in 30 minutes now. Before it took me 45 minutes. Tracking my running times and seeing how far I have come helps me stay committed.

Vector stopwatch press Seated-Swiss-Ball-Overhead-Press


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