Top 5 Stretching Mistakes -Mistake #5

Top 5 Stretching Mistakes

Stretching is like oil changes for your car – little inconveniences that can make a big difference, guarding against breakdowns and helping things run optimally.

Mistake #5: Skipping it

Explanation: Just as you were tempted to skip the gym, you may skip stretching. In fact, it is likely most of us give little more than scant attention to stretching – something to kill time between sets of pulldowns, rows, or calf raises, but not something worthy of their focus for five to ten minutes before a workout (dynamic) or after a workout (static).


  • Learn how to do dynamic stretches and static stretches for each body part.
  • Make dynamic stretching (pre-workout) and static stretching (post-workout) part of every workout routine. If necessary to maintain this schedule, note each stretch in a log book. In this way, you can impart some variety into your stretching and also monitor how it impacts your strength and muscle gain, adjusting it accordingly.

You may also want to do some stretching during your outside of training.

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