Top 5 Stretching Mistakes -Mistake #4

Top 5 Stretching Mistakes

Stretching is like oil changes for your car – little inconveniences that can make a big difference, guarding against breakdowns and helping things run optimally.

Mistake #4: Stretching for Reps

Explanation: As every rep has a stretch and a contraction, some think that one way to maximize intensity is to maximize the stretch. That is why you sometimes see people trying to lower the dumbbells to the floor when doing dumbbell flyes or pull the bar to their mid traps during pulldowns behind the neck. Every exercise has a proper range of motion. Extending beyond that shifts the stress to other muscles and/or potentially strains tendons, muscles and joints.


  • Learn the proper range of motion of each exercise you perform
  • Get full stretches and contractions on reps, but always stay within the proper range of motion.
  • Stretch only when you are not hitting the weights. You can involve weights in your stretching such as holding an empty Olympic barbell during ballistic toe touches or grasping five-pound plates while doing arm circles, but do this before, not during, sets.

20120602085737-cobra-stretch-10-reps images


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