Top 5 Stretching Mistakes – Mistake #3

Top 5 Stretching Mistakes

Stretching is like oil changes for your car – little inconveniences that can make a big difference, guarding against breakdowns and helping things run optimally.

Mistake #3: Going Too Far

Explanation: some of us bring the same “go hard or go home” approach to stretching, trying to always reach farther or contort our muscles and ligaments a little more than the last time. You can probably see where this is heading. If, instead of preventing injuries, stretching itself results in an injury, you have done much more harm than good.


  • Whether dynamic, static or ballistic, warm up for stretching. Do shorter movements first and then work your way into maximal stretches.
  • Pain does not equal gains when it comes to stretching. Pain is your body’s signal that you have gone far enough and that, if it becomes acute, you have gone too far.
  • Extreme stretching (i.e., fascia stretching) should be done only immediately after training a body part when the muscles are pumped. It is also not a test of the pain barrier. Find the position (s) where you are uncomfortable, but not agonizing, and go no farther.

Dynamic-Stretch dynamic-stretching-3 lowbackwarmup_thumb


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