V-Shape Shredder

V-Shape Shredder

Chisel your upper body and pack on muscle all over. It takes just 30 minutes.

Replace one of your weekly workouts with this one. Do the exercises in the order shown. Perform paired exercises (1A and 1B, 2A and 2B, 4A and 4B) as supersets – that is back to back with 1 set of both moves equaling 1 superset. Perform unpaired moves (i.e., exercises 3 and 5) as regular sets. Rest for 60 seconds between each set or superset.

1A/Barbell Straight Leg Deadlift

  • Grab a barbell using an overhand grip and let it hang at arm’s length in front of you. Stand tall with your feet hip-width apart and knees slightly bent. Brace your core, push your hips back, and lower your chest until it it nearly parallel to the floor (don’t round your back). Thrust your hips forward to return to the standing position.
  • 8 reps

1B/ Pushup Lockoff

  • Assume a pushup position but place your right hand on a medicine ball. Keeping your body straight, lower your chest until it is a few inches from the floor. Now push up until your right arm is straight, and touch your right shoulder with your left hand. Return to the starting position. Do all your reps and then repeat with your left hand on the ball.
  • 8 reps per arm
  • 4 supersets

2A/ Underhand Grip Lat Pulldown

  • Sit on a lat pulldown machine and grab the bar using an underhand grips with your hands shoulder-width apart. Without moving your torso, pull the bar to your chest as you squeeze your shoulder blades together. Pause, and return to the starting position.
  • 8 reps

2B/ Dumbbell Single Arm Shoulder Press

  • Stand holding a dumbbell in your left hand in front of your left shoulder. Press the weight directly above your shoulder; then lower it. Do all your reps, switch arms, and repeat.
  • 6 reps per arm
  • 4 supersets

3/ Single Arm Compound Row

  • Set a cable handle to hip height and grab it in your right hand, arm extended. Push your hips back; then thrust them forward, rowing the cable to your chest. Do all your reps, switch hands, and repeat.
  • 10 reps per arm
  • 3 sets

4A/ Straight Arm Pulldown

  • Attach a rope handle to the highest setting of a cable station. Holding an end of the rope in each hand, push your hips back with your arms extended. Without bending your arms, thrust your hips forward and pull the handle to your thighs. Return to the starting position and repeat.
  • 10 reps

4B/ Face Pull

  • Stand holding the rope handle so the ends point toward the ceiling. Bend your elbows and squeeze your shoulders together as you pull the sides of the rope to your ears. Return to the starting position and repeat.
  • 10 reps
  • 3 supersets

5/Plate Chop

  • Holding a weight plate, bend your knees and rotate your torso left as you lower the weight to the outside of your left knee. Then rise up as you rotate right and lift it above your right shoulder; pause and pivot back down to your left.
  • 6 reps per side (not alternating)
  • 3 sets

1004-single-arm-shoulder-press-483x300 ddd dumbell-single-arm-overhead-press-ss elevated_straight_leg_deadlift half-kneeling-rotational-chop-b-ex images


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