Dumbbell Snatch

Dumbbell Snatch


You don’t need special equipment to reap the benefits of Olympic style lifting. Add the dumbbell snatch to your program today.

The Workout:

  • 5 rounds of time for:
  • 10 box jumps
  • 12 dumbbell snatches (each side)

The Setup:

  • Stand with feet outside shoulder width and bend the hips back to lower the dumbbell to below the knees.

The Pull:

  • Keep your back flat and extend your hips explosively to stand straight up; pull with your arm and rise onto your toes.


  • The initial pull should be explosive enough to create considerable momentum so the weight will rise to shoulder height.


  • Once the dumbbell reaches shoulder height, flip your wrist underneath and punch the weight straight up to finish.

d1 db-snatch-w320h240 db-snatch

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