The Front Squat Solution

The Front Squat Solution

Adding the front squat to your routine may be one of the best things you can do for your legs – and the rest of your physique.

While the back squat may allow a lifter to move larger loads, the front squat cannot be overlooked by anyone who wants to improve overall strength, since it emphasizes the contribution of the quads and demands more of the abdominals and spinal erectors. If you can increase your front squat strength, then your back squat strength will increase that much quicker and easier, and more serious lifters consider the front squat an essential to the leg program.

The Setup:

  • Grab the barbell using the same grip width that you would use to perform a clean.
  • Step under the bar and place it on the “meat” of the deltoids and roll the bar back to your fingertips with the elbows lifted high.
  • The upper back should be vertical. Set your feet slightly wider than your hips.
  • Descend until the hips are below the knees and come out of the hole with your chest up.
  • Once you have nailed perfect form, you are ready for the hardcore workout.


  • 20 calories on the bike or rower
  • 7 front squats (load the barbell with your body weight)

bbell-front-squat-b-female front squat frontsquatB the-front-squats


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