4 Ultimate Booty Busters

4 Ultimate Booty Busters

Working your butt from all angles, which these sculptors do, ensures that your backside not only gets round and firm but lifted. And the recurring motion of extending the leg up and out calls upon those deep six muscles. Do them six times a week, plus 30 to 60 minuets of cardio

  • Alternating Back Kick
    • Start on right hip, legs extended and right hand down. Bend right leg and tuck knee. Raise left leg.
    • Roll onto left knee, place left elbow down and extend right leg back and up.
    • Return to start position. Do 30 reps.
  • Sitting Stock Arabesque Kick
    • Start on left hip, sitting with hips stacked, both legs bent and left forearm on the floor.
    • Roll onto left knee and place right hand on the floor, kick right leg back and up.
    • Return to hip. Repeat move 30 times.
  • Flex Foot Arabesque Kick
    • Start on all fours raise right foot off the floor, flex it and swing leg out to the side, pulling knee forward and down toward right wrist.
    • Bring leg back in, and then extend it back and up.
    • Do 30 reps
  • Body Roll Squat
    • Start with feet wider than hip-width apart, hands on hips
    • With a slight bend in knees, squat down, leaning torso forward as far as possible; stick butt out
    • Return to standing; curl pelvis in and then pop butt out. Repeat pelvis curl, then repeat squat down move
    • Do 30 reps

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