Burn, Baby, Burn – Women

Burn, Baby, Burn


Combo moves can be both a time saver and a fat burner. These three moves take you through multiple planes of motion. Do them each for up to 45 seconds without a break; repeat the circuit three to five times.

  • Curtsey Lunge to Overhead Press: Hold a dumbbell in front of your chest, step your left leg behind and to the outside of your right leg, and bend both knees. Step your left foot back to the start, stand and press the dumbbell straight overhead.
  • Front Kick to Glute Lift: Stand and kick forward with one leg. Then immediately drop to your hands and knees and kick the same leg out behind you.
  • Super Sized Side Lunge: Hold one dumbbell with both hands. Lunge to one side, reaching the dumbbell toward the foot of your lunging leg. When you stand, rotate through your waist and lift the dumbbell overhead in the opposite direction, kicking your lunging leg out behind you at the same time.

glute31 mv-alter-side-lunge Side-Lunge-Curtsy


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