Max Muscle Mobilizer

Max Muscle Mobilizer

Uncover your abs and build and indestructible body with this crossfit-inspired sweat storm.


Warm up on a treadmill for 5 minutes. Do the joint mobilization exercises (Part 1). Then move on to the workout (Part 2); Do 1 set each of 1A and 1B. That should take less than a minute. Rest for the remainder of the minute. Repeat for 2A and 2B. then sprint on the treadmill for 1 minute or 200 meters, whichever comes first. That’s 1 cycle. Do 10. Finish by walking for 5 minutes and doing soft tissue exercise (Part 3), 1 set each.

1 – Joint Mobilization

  1. Spine Foam Roll
    1. Place a form roller on the floor behind you, sit on your glutes, and lean back on the roller. Bring your arms over your head and place your hands together. Arch your back over the roller, and slowly return to the starting position. Repeat several times, and then lift your butt off the floor and move backward and forward on the roller. (2 minutes)
  2. Hip Sequence
    1. Assume a lunge position, right leg forward, with your right hand on your foot and your left hand on the floor. Push your right knee out as you rotate your body left. Now drive your hips back, straightening your right leg. Switch legs and repeat. (2 minutes per leg)
  3. Couch Mobilization
    1. Back your right knee into the bottom of a wall and move your left leg into a lunge position, knee bent 90 degrees. Raise your torso and hold that position. Switch legs and repeat. (2 minutes per leg)

2 – The Workout

1A. Dumbbell Squat and Press          

  1. Hold the dumbbells in front of your shoulders. Squat down, then explode up, thrusting the weights straight above your shoulders. (5 reps)

1B. Burpee

  1. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Push your hips back, squat down, and place your hands on the floor. Kick your legs back into a pushup position and do a pushup, lowering your chest to within a few inches of the floor. Return to a squat, stand up, and repeat. (5 reps)

2A. Snatch

  1. Place a dumbbell on the floor between your feet and grab it. In a single movement, lift the weight up your body and try to throw it at the ceiling (without letting go). Return to the starting position. Do your reps, switch hands, and repeat. (5 per hand)

2B. Dumbbell Goblet Lunge

  1. Hold a dumbbell vertically in front of your chest, cupping the top like a goblet. Step forward and lower your body until your front knee is bending 90 degrees. Return to the starting position. Do all your reps, switch legs, and repeat. (5 per leg)

3 – Soft Tissue Work

  1. Quad Smash
    1. Lie on your left side with a foam roller positioned beneath your thigh, just above your knee. Slowly roll to your right until you are facing the floor. Knead the area of muscle pressed into the roller by raising and lowering your left heel. Move the roller farther up your thigh and repeat the process. (1 minute per leg)
  2. Gut Smash
    1. Lie on the floor with a lacrosse ball or softball beneath your navel. Roll the ball around by moving your body. Knead tight spots by curling the heel of your leg on the corresponding side of your body up toward your butt and then lowering it. (2 minutes)

db-thruster IMG_1594 Upper-Back-aka-Thoracic-Spine


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