Push Up Max Reps

Push Up Max Reps

Start hitting the classic exercise from all angles for a bigger, stronger, better upper body.

You will probably want to do push-ups and lots of them, but you should not always perform them the same way. The body gets used to the same exercises, the same sets and the same reps. Your mind gets bored too. This will cause the body to adapt to the training and stop responding. Give the following push-up variations a try:

  • Weighted Push Up – Use either a weighted vest or backpack and start at 10 to 20 pounds of additional weights.
  • Incline Push Up – Elevate your feet by putting them on a bench or other stable surface behind your with your hands on the floor.
  • Medicine Ball Push Up – Put one hand on a medicine ball and the other on the floor and then switch hands; or close grip style – with both hands n the ball.
  • Slow Motion Push Up – Do a standard push up with a five second count on both the positive and negative portions.
  • Plyometric (Clapping) Push Up – Explode up on each rep so your hands leave the floor; clap at the top optional.
  • TRX Push Up – put your hands in the TRX, feet on the floor.

medicine-ball-push-ups olympic-arms-3 Reistance-Band-Medicine-Ball-Push-Ups-Exercise Start Superset1A


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