The Essentials 3

The Essentials 3


New Angles, New Results

Decline Bench Pull Over

Why You Need To Do This: The greater the range of motion, the greater the number of muscle fibers you activate, resulting in improvements in size and strength. Periodically swapping the decline pull-over for the flat bench pull over will increase the range of motion, activate new muscle fibers and surprise the working muscles.

Targets: Pectorals

Set-Up: Lie face up on a decline bench and hook your ankles underneath the pads, feet fixed. Allow your lower back to arch naturally. Hold a barbell over your chest in a shoulder-width overhand grip, with your arms perpendicular to the ground.

Action: Keeping your arms straight, slowly lower the barbell back over your head toward the floor as far as you can comfortably. Keep your abs tight and don’t allow your back to arch. When you have reached your maximum depth, reverse the move and pull the barbell all the way through and back to the starting position.

Tip: If you are unfamiliar with the pull-overs, do them first on a flat bench to get the hang of them and establish correct form. When swapping to the decline bench, have a partner spot you to avoid hyperextending your arms and shoulders and potentially injuring your rotator cuffs.

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