10-Minute Torcher

10-Minute Torcher

Train your chest, back, abs – and get some cardio in – with this quick-hit TRX routine.

What it is:

Hang a TRX or other suspension trainer from a secure point overhead then set a timer for 10 minutes. Start the time and complete he following exercises as a circuit: TRX Rows, TRX Chest Press, TRX Knee-Ins, and a stair or treadmill run.

Why it works:

The circuit begins with a classic push-pull superset that will work chest, back, biceps, and triceps. Core strength and stabilization are trained with the knee-ins, and old-fashioned stair or treadmill run ensures your heart rate will stay elevated. This workout gets all your muscles activated quickly. The burn kind of sneaks up on you.

How To Do It:

TRX Push-Pull Core Circuit

  • TRX Row – 10 to 20 reps
  • TRX Chest Press – 10 to 20 reps
  • TRX Knee Ins – 10 reps
  • Stair Run – 30 seconds

Perform the circuit for 10 minutes. Don’t rest between exercises.

trx-chest-press trx-low-row trx-plank


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