Whole-Fat vs. Reduced-Fat Cheese

Whole-Fat vs. Reduced-Fat Cheese


Many people don’t place cheese high on their list of preferred foods. But when you take the following facts into account, you may reconsider upping your cheese consumption, especially when you are trying to cut carbs.

  • Cheese contains nearly as much protein per ounce as beef or chicken.
  • Cheese delivers more fats than high-protein meats, which helps slow delivery of protein, increasing the length of time aminos are available in your system.
  • Many forms of cheese contain virtually no carbs.
  • Many forms of cheese contain healthy bacteria known as micro flora.

Most whole-fat cheeses, including cheddar, blue (or bleu), and Swiss, are great choices for those seeking to cut carbs and increase the length of time that protein delivers aminos. However, reduced-fat/processed cheeses remove beneficial fats, replacing them with carbs. This speeds up the rate at which they digest and encourages insulin release.


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