Drink More Water

Drink More Water


It is imperative to understand that chronic dehydration plays a profound negative role in the state of our health. It is literally impossible for our bodies to function properly without adequate hydration. Water intake is crucial to the digestive process and also allows the body to dispose of toxins, waste and impurities.

Most of us feel hungry yet we are really thirsty. Hydration is essential to the excretion of all waste; therefore our intake of water must be, in the very least, equivalent to what we lose through daily output. Water is excreted through respiration, sweating, urine and in feces.

Few people consume enough water through food and liquids to compensate for what they lose, so many of us are chronically dehydrated. This interrupts the body’s energy activities, delays excretion of waste and recovery and encourages a reduction in fat burning. The effect is that we feel sluggish, bloated and miserable.

Drink water between meals and sip on it throughout the day at your desk and while commuting and exercising. Drinking sufficient water will keep your body well hydrated, reduce fatigue and help prevent injuries during sports and in the gym. Best of all it assists in the process of shedding fat.


2 responses to “Drink More Water

  1. I have increased my water consumption in the last two months and it has allowed me achieve my fitness goals. Skincare has improved with the cold temperatures


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