Are You Out of Balance?

Are You Out of Balance?

Try these three quick tips for realignment

Hunched ShouldersThe Solution: Lie on your back with your feet flat on the floor and a pillow about your head. Raise your arms overhead and press them into the pillow 10 times for a few seconds each. Repeat. Do this daily, and you will help pull your shoulders down and back, and counteract the effects of the typical hunched-forward sitting.

Tight HipsThe Solution: Lie face up on a table wit your knees bent and legs hanging over the side. Raise one knee to your chest; your opposite leg should remain on the table. If the leg creeps upward, that is a sign of tight hip flexors. To improve your range of motion and release tension in your psoas muscle, lie face down with a small ball (like a lacrosse ball) two inches inside and down from your hip bone; lean into the ball. Bend your knee to a 90-degree angle and swing your foot left to right. Do two minutes on each side, four to five times a week.


Unequal Leg StrengthThe Solution: Stand on one leg and raise the other in front of you as high as you can; hold it for 15 seconds. Test the other side, and take note of differences in height and difficulty. Practice the hold on your weaker side, concentrating on lifting the leg higher and holding it up longer. Once that it easy, try it with your eyes closed. Then stand on a pillow or BOSU ball to add a balance challenge. Keep this up daily until your legs are as equal in strength and stability as possible.



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