Pain In The Neck

Pain In The Neck

Neck pain does not have to ruin your day. Just a few exercises can have you feeling better.

Neck pain can be caused by injury to any structures in the neck: the muscles, nerves, vertebrae, and the disks in between the vertebrae. Many people describe it as having a “stiff neck.” If neck pain involves nerves, you may feel numbness, tingling, or weakness in your arm, hand, or elsewhere.

Muscle strains or tension often lead to neck pain. A strain can be caused by anything from slouching at your computer to heavy deadlifts or shrugs. Typically, it can be remedied with exercise or cold packs.

The Fix: Protect Your Neck

Do three rounds of the following three exercises. In each round, do three reps in each direction described. Hold an isometric contraction in each position for five seconds.

  1. Cervical Rotation – turn your head slowly side to side.
  2. Cervical Flexion – in a slow motion, bend your head forward and return it to rest.
  3. Retraction/Protraction – move your shoulders all the way forward and back.

3-200 cervical_flexion cervical_lateral_flexion Protraction_Retraction


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