Chop Up Your Gut

Chop Up Your Gut

You have probably tried the cable woodchop in the past, but doing it in the half-kneeling position challenges you stability that much more, making your resist both rotation and lateral movement.

1207-rotational-chop half-kneeling-rotational-chop-a-ex images

  • How to do it: Half-Kneeling Cable Woodchop
    • Kneel on one knee and grasp a rope handle attached to a pulley over your opposite shoulder. Brace your abs. Slowly draw the cable diagonally down and across your body to the opposite of your hip.

Quick Tips

  • Don’t twist your body or crunch forward to complete the rep.
  • Perform three sets of 8-10 reps on each side either at the beginning of your workout (if your core is a big weak point) or at the end.

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