See It Through

See It Through

How can I make 2015 the year I really achieve my goals?

For me, the key to setting goals and achieving them always begins with visualization. You can create a picture in your mind of what you want to achieve and imagine it’s already true. Then it is almost easy to get there because you know what it is you want – it just takes time and work.

People fail to achieve goals because they cannot really see themselves succeeding, so they don’t believe they can, and then they quit at the first sign of adversity. Successful people don’t quit, because, in their minds, they have already won. It just is not official yet.

I like to use the example of how my arms won’t grow. When I finally acknowledged that it was a serious weak point, I began to visualize my arms all the time – I saw them growing and taking shape. This automatically led me to taking practical steps to make them grow. To help me concentrate even more, I wore sleeveless shirts so that I could see my arms whenever I trained. It did not matter how small they looked, I kept seeing them as champion-level arms. Ultimately, my arms grew, and my vision was fulfilled.

And that’s the formula for success: Create an image and let it lead you down a path that makes it real.

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