Master Class – Toes to Bar

Master Class – Toes to Bar

Lesson Learned: Create an incredible core with Toes-to-Bar

Muscles Emphasized: Abs, grip

Mechanics: Take an overhand grip on a pull-up bar with your hands shoulder-width apart and your legs hanging straight. Generate a little momentum by swinging your legs behind you slightly, then quickly raise them in front of you and bring your legs up to kick the bar overhead with your toes. Use the descent of your legs to generate another round of momentum and continue doing reps, maintaining an even rhythm.

Do: Rock your legs back a little, but use your abs to pull your legs up the rest of the way.

Don’t: Generate so much momentum that you are hyperextending your lower back by throwing your legs behind you a mile.

Options: If you are at home, mimic the move by doing a simple V-up with your knees slightly bent.

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