Push Yourself

Push Yourself

Push-Ups are my favorite exercise for one simple reason. The get you fit from heat to toe. Push-ups are versatile. With just a few adjustments, they can work your entire upper body – and even build strength throughout your core and legs.

pushup3 pushup4

Elbows to the Body: Triceps

  • Keep your hands, arms and shoulders in a straight line next to your body with your elbows pointed at 6 o’clock. You will work your lats and triceps much more than you would if your elbows were splayed out at an angle away from the body.

Feet or Hands Elevated: Shoulders

  • Some people try to hit their shoulders by opening their stance and pushing their elbows out, but this puts the shoulders in a compromising position. Instead, elevate your feet or hands on a bench to isolate the shoulders in a healthier way.

Hands for a Diamond: Pecs

  • People often get this one wrong, believing they are supposed to put their nose inside the diamond. You actually want to place your hands under the sternum. Remember: To work your pecs, always keep your hands inside your shoulders.

Knee-to-Elbows (Spider Man): Core

  • As you lower your body to the floor, lift one foot off the ground and swing your leg to the side, trying to touch your knee to your elbow. Keep your body in a straight line; a sagging back is a sign of a weak core; a sagging leg indicates weak hips.

Explosive Plyo from the Knees: Everything

  • Performing this pushups from your knees let you focus on being explosive. Keep your hips and lower back engaged, and don’t pull up with your back. At the bottom of the push-up, catch your body instead of letting it crash to the ground.

pushup 1 pushup2 pushup5 pushup6 pushup7 pushup8


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